How to paint with colored pencils

colored pencils to use

First, apply the undercoat.


Faber-Castell water-based (commonly known as red can) used for undercoating

We sell it cheaply. The feature is that the core is hard, evenly thin and evenly.

You can paint it. The color is weak, so use it as an undercoat.



Next is the colored pencil that will be used for two coats.



I mainly use Holbein, but Holbein doesn’t have the color I want to use.

If so, I also use Polychromos and Charisma colors.


They all have roughly the same characteristics, with a soft core and strong coloring.

Colored pencils with soft leads tend to be uneven because the paint doesn’t get to the bottom of the uneven surfaces of the paper.


Colored pencils used for 3 coats


I use the red canned Faber-Castell that I used for the undercoat.



Meaning of applying 3 times